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İskele Restaurant - Mimarsinan

Our restaurant in 1960, T.C. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues to provide services in the building of the Istanbul 1st numbered Cultural Heritage Presidency Directorate 2nd Group Registered Works (Date of Construction: 1909 - Restoration Date: 2012). İskele Restaurant which is the first and only restauran with ISO 22000 Certificate in our region, continues to offer the flavors identified with its name in the historical building where it has completed its restoration.

All the products we offer to you in our restaurant which is specially designed for our family guests (Children's play areas, baby breastfeeding room, etc.) are regularly inspected by LTS Food Laboratories.

In order to prevent any damage to the environment in our historic restaurant where trademark registration and registration procedures have been completed, our vegetable waste oils have been granted to Palmiye Biyoenerji San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. Company.

Our chefs, who combine the unique flavor mix of Turkish and Greek cuisine with our base, proudly carry out their duties in our branches as national and international awards.


Population exchange between Greece and Turkey or Change, 1923 Lausanne Peace Treaty is in accordance with the additional protocol, Turkey and Greece were forced to evacuate the name given to keep citizens on the basis of their religion in their country. This application is also called the Lausanne Treaty, because it was decided during the Treaty of Lausanne. People who are subject to migration are called loyalists.

Exchange with 1.2 million Greek Orthodox Christians from Anatolia to Greece, 500,000 Muslims were forced to migrate from Greece to Turkey in Turkey. The main criterion of the distinction between the persons who are not within the scope of the exchange and the persons who are not within the scope of the exchange is the religion and the language, not the religion, the Turkish Orthodox Christian Gagavuz, who do not speak or speak any other language than Turkish, and the Orthodox of Karaman, besides the Turks among the Muslims coming from Greece. Bulgarian and Macedonian-speaking Pomaks from Drama, Kavala, Karacaova and Kastoria, Romanian-speaking Vlahs, Greek-speaking Patriots and Albanians speaking in their own language were also found.

Greece-Greek population exchange with Turkey within the scope of just sitting in Gökçeada and Bozcaada with the city of Istanbul in Turkey, the Turks of Western Thrace in Greece just are exempt from exchange.

Exchange of Drama, Crete, Kavala, Thessaloniki and Ioannina Vodina population coming from Eastern Thrace and western Anatolia in Turkey have occupied the place left vacant by the departure of the Greek minority. The cities where the population is heavily resettled are Adana, Balıkesir, Bilecik, Bursa, Çanakkale, Edirne, İstanbul, İzmir, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Manisa, Mersin, Samsun and Tekirdağ.

One of the regions where the inhabitants, who were forced to emigrate to Istanbul, settled intensively, was called "Kalikratya" ie "Beautiful City". The area known as Mimarsinan for hosting the great work of Mimarsinan today has a great guest in 1938.

Having completed his visit to Istanbul in March of 1938, Büyük Önder visited the Karaağaç Village and later visited Mimarsinan. Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK's sipping his coffee is the garden of the building where our restaurant is located. In the corner of the garden, there are the questions of the population exchange.

One of the most important problems of the known population is the fact that they should be able to buy as much goods as they have left in Greece. The existence of the Greeks left by the Greeks due to the fact that the people who came from the city were not able to meet the existence of the Turks. Therefore, equal distribution of goods has been made to all exchanges.

The question that briefly summarizes this problem came from one of the villagers;

"Pasha, in Greece, have left so much land here that you gave 6 acres of space, how will this work?"

Pasha stands up and takes two steps forward, showing the sea;

"Here is the worshiped land, bread will be removed from there," he advises.

The fate of the country that drew the fate of a country that day, and then Mimarsinan a fishing village has been.

The most important historical monuments of our town bearing the eminent Ottoman Turkey and a new identity, is revived in motifs. It has been restored in accordance with the identity of the garden and the building where Atatürk honored us. All details of the restoration were sifted and applied individually.

Gazi Mustafa Kemal, the chair you saw in the photo and the table where his coffee was resting, were rebuilt to serve our dear guests. Even the iron fences that you saw behind Atatürk were rebuilt to original iron workers.

From the garden arrangement that gives respect to the history, to keep the historical water well, to use the stones we used in the interior decoration floor, to the sink and to find the marbles that are over 100 years old, from the A to Z to the kitchen worthy of fishing redesigned.

İSKELE Restaurant, which hosts pleasant conversations under the fragrance of history and taste, strives to answer all the wishes of our guests with sincerity.

With respect and respect,