. In the fish, mainly phosphorus, iodine, iron and calcium, such as mineral salts and A, D and B have twelve vitamins. Fish with these features:

. Gives power and energy to the body,

. Eliminates mind fatigue,

. Makes blood through the iron in its structure,

. Calcium in fish provides growth of bones and facilitates development especially in childhood,

. Iodine, one of the most essential mineral salts, assists in the extraction of vitamins and other mineral salts.

Here are a few benefits to the human body:

1- Fish, protein, vitamin D and trace elements is an excellent source of food.
2- It provides growth and healing of tissues thanks to its minerals such as phosphorus, sulfur and vanadium.
3- It helps the formation of healthy gums and tooth structure.
4- Beautifies skin color.
5- It makes the hair more durable.
6- It contributes to the fight against bacterial infections.
7- It plays an important role in prevention of heart attack by regulating cholesterol in blood.
8- Helps the use of starch and fats in the body.
9- It is beneficial for joint health.
10- It is used in the treatment of diabetes.
11- Relieves symptoms of depression and schizophrenia.
12- It is useful in the treatment of burn.
13- Has proven useful in migraine patients.
14- Glaucoma (blindness caused by the increase in pressure in the eye) has the benefit of treatment.